Monday, December 17, 2018

Live At The Oasis on LCR 12 - 15 18 Nicole's Birthday Mix

In celebration for my sister's 40th Birthday, I got a list of songs from and did my thing. It was a great show and I hope she had a good night as well. A lot of good Hip Hop and then it went into some slow joints which I actual forgot one song because for whatever reason I couldn't get to play. I owe her one with that and I will rock it before the year is out. But yeah it was a great night. As always you can catch me live on at 6pm EST as part of the #setitoffsaturday lineup.

Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Live At The Oasis on LCR 12 - 8 -18: The S.O.N.N Mix

I had planned on doing this mix last but with so much going on time passed and I missed the Saturday I had it in my head to do it. I did it and outside of the technical issue of being offline a few times and not rocking all the songs I had in my head to do, it was a great mix. Salute my mans 0&0 and Wise Choice who I connected with back in Ferguson High. Many endeavors and projects throughout the years and many more to come. This was a collection of music from us all, all S.O.N.N music, all Downtown Bad Newz VA music.

Thursday, November 29, 2018

Live At The Oasis 11 - 10 -18

Like ev, I mean EVERYONE who is a part of this called we love called Hip Hop Nov.9th 1993 is a great day. Wu Tang Clan released their first album and A Tribe Called Quest continued their flawless run with their third album. Both albums became instant classics and like most DJ's I too paid homage to the two classic albums. I got it for about 30 minutes before doing my thing with Hip Hop from 1993. Catch Live A The Oasis live on Saturday on at 6pm EST as part of the #Setitoffsaturdays lineup

Sunday Soul Session: Harold Mevlin and The Blue Notes vs The O'Jays

Repost: I just found one of my old hard drives back when I was working on mad stuff and dropping something soulful on Sundays on Mixcrate years ago. This is one of my favorite mixes because i listened to my mom play Harold Melvin & The Blue Notes and The O'Jays all the time. I figured rock a small little battle between the two legendary groups... Enjoy

Live At The Oasis 11 - 17 - 18 on LCR

An ill Saturday mix. I followed up what The Boss had going on before me with nothing but female music before I slid into some Hip Hop and ending with some soulful stuff. Catch me live on Saturdays at 6pm EST as part of the #Setitoffsaturday lineup.

Thursday, November 8, 2018

Live At The Oasis 10 - 13 - 18 on Legal Crime Radio

Had some technical difficulties a few times but when you're live the show must go on. All in all it was still a great night. I threw some old heat out there with some new joints. The mix was all over the place. Catch me live on #setitoffsaturdays on at 6pm EST

Live At The Oasis 10 - 18 - 18 on Legal Crime Radio

A Smooth Thursday night mix as always on Thursday nights on Playing Eric B & Rakim, J Cole, D..I.T.C and so much more. Tune in Live on Thursday Nights at 8pm for Live At The Oasis.

Thursday, November 1, 2018

Plans From Now And Throughout Next Year

I know I've been slacking when it comes to blogging, for the most part everything besides my day gig and Mixshow. I will be finally putting it all together starting today. I'll be posting on YouTube with commentary on whatever for the blog starting tomorrow.

Musically I will get back on my grind. Next year I look forward to maybe at least three projects in the works or being mixed down and ready to be released. I'll finally put Home Sick out on hard copy, CDs, and all the stuff that should come with it. I'll also finish the last two Seasons of the 90 days beat series, Autumn and Spring. I'll start with Spring next year. I'll try to get back to First Friday Freestyle starting tomorrow and keep it going this time around.

Sometime before the year is out I'll be doing a whole show with nothing but music from my crew S.O.N.N. this is the 25th anniversary of what started out as some dudes spitting in school together. We've all became great artists and have some great material to not show it off is a crime to the time it took to make it. I'm still waiting on my one homie but it wouldn't be him if I didn't have to so it is what it is.

As far as Live At The Oasis goes I'm still rocking out on and to be honest I haven't really thought about taking the offer to rock on other stations they have offered because of time restraints and I like having new mixes all the time. What I want to do is on my Saturday shows piggyback off the Netflix series Hip Hop Evolution and do an hour or so of the what the topic was for an episode. I have some other ideas I'll be testing out the next few weeks as well.

Thursday, October 25, 2018

Live At The Oasis 9 - 27 - 18 on Legal Crime Radio

If it's a Thursday night mix you can in most cases hear some chill music. This is just that type of night. You can catch me live on at 8pm EST. This mix includes music from O.C. , Blood Orange, Willie Hutch, Petey Pablo, Method Man and more

Live At The Oasis 10 - 6-18 on Legal Crime Radio

That Boom Bap Hip Hop for a Saturday evening with some R&B and old school gems. As I always do, nothing but the heat... MC's with bars and ill beats. Some old school joints here and there and original samples. Music by Masta Ace, DMX. Logic, DITC, Rakim, Michael Jackson, The Last Poets

Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Live At The Oasis 7 - 26 -18 on LCR

Not as smooth as most Thursday night mixes but this is some heat. Music from Faith Evans, Black Thought, Stevie Wonder, Pete Rock & CL Smooth and more

Tuesday, September 18, 2018

About Saturday Night

There was a major event this past Saturday night on The station celebrated the one year anniversary of DJ Politic and The Political Show. As of now I have seen one upload from that night. I want to wait and just make a post with it all. So be on the look out for that. Trust me when I say it there was nothing but good music all day and all night. DJ Politic took us home with some EDM. I'll be posting some more mixes and even looking to see just how far I can get with Youtube.

Thursday, September 13, 2018

Live At The Oasis 8 - 11- 18 on LCR

It's Saturday... Saturday... Saturday, it's a Saturday. A new intro to the show and some heat as always. Catch me doing my thing Saturdays at 6pm on

Live At The Oasis 8 - 30 - 20 on Legal Crime Radio

Chilling on a Thursday night with this mix. Some new stuff and some old with some original samples in there for that extra somethin somethin. Music from The Internet, Common, Drake, Sherine, Slum Village and more.

Tuesday, September 4, 2018

live at the oasis 8 - 29 -18 Michael Jackson Mix 2018 on LCR

When you talk about Michael Jackson you can reach people from all walks of life who can tell you in detail about when they fell in love with his music. For most it was Thriller, people like me go back to the old Motown records of The Jackson 5 and that night on Motown 25. Long story short, Michael Jackson is was that dude. His catalog is extensive and the albums no one really remember dropping have heat. I did my show last Wednesday night on The King of Pop's birthday and it was also the last Wonder Years Wednesday show. I put in two hours of work with a nice amount of Jackson 5 music and mad remixes or re-edits You know how I do. Catch me live Wed & Thurs nights 8pm and Sat evenings 6pm on

Rock With You
Great To Be Here
Heartbreak Hotel
Dancing Machine
I Wanna Be Where You Are
My Cherie Amour
The Love You Save
Billie Jean
Baby Be Mine
Butterflies remix feat Eve
Blame It On The Boogie
Honey Love
Beat It
Man In The Mirror
You Rock My World remix feat Jay Z
The Way You Make Me Feel
Can You Feel It
Enjoy Yourself
Remember The Time
Darling Dear
I’m The One You Need
I Want You Back
Too Late To Change The Time
Working Day and Night
I Can’t Help It
Say, Say, Say
Another Part Of Me
Never Can Say Goodbye
Human Nature
Don’t Stop Til You Get Enough

Live At The Oasis 9 - 1-18 on Legal Crime Radio

This is the mix that never went down on the 1st. I was live and with all the craziness going on around my crib Spectrum was out here working on things and my connection was dead. I kept going and this is what would have been on air. It's still fire and it's all about good music.

Friday, August 3, 2018

Live At The Oasis 8 - 1- 18 The 1993 Mix

In 1993 Hip Hop was on some next level ish. You had Snoop, Tribe, Wu tang, Onyx, Pa, Spice 1 and so many others coming with just different styles and great classic albums. Also that year me and my mans got together and became S.O.N.N.. At the time the name of the crew was totally different but the vibe was there. 25 years later it feels good to take a trip down memory lane with two hours of Hip Hop.

Monday, July 30, 2018

Live At The Oasis 7 - 21 -18 on LCR

A dope Saturday show with some old and new joints... Hip Hop to pop and mad heat between. Check me out on  on Saturdays at 6pm EST

Friday, July 20, 2018

Live At The Oasis Rewind Wed 4th Of July 2018 on LCR

Let's take it back to the old school!!!! ALL Hip Hop classics in this Independence Day mix. Music from Kid n Play, MC Lyte, Slick Rick, Eric B. & Rakim and so many more. Catch me on Wed. live at 8pm on Twitter @ Black_Ceez and Instagram @ Blackceezarsonn and on FB at Live At The Oasis Mix Show.

Thursday, July 19, 2018

Live At The Oasis 7 - 11- 18 The Babayface Slow Jams Mix on LCR

So many times I think of cool themes for a mix and then I get into it and find I'm not really about it like I thought I would be. This isn't one of those moments. This was me thinking I may be too invested and not really put the songs I really wanted on. I rocked a lot of songs my mom was always rocking heavy and being fair they were great songs. Babyface is a great song writer and producer and he's slow songs were unmatched. I love doing slow jams mixes and this was one I think is great. Catch me live Wednesday nights 8pm rocking classic joints on

Thursday, July 12, 2018

Live At The Oasis 6 - 7 - 18 on LCR

One of those Thursday night mixes with that chill vibe. Some R&B, some Pop and a few Jazz joints here and there.

Live At The Oasis 6 - 30 -18 on LCR

Live At The Oasis on rocking that Boom Bap Hip Hop on a Saturday evening. Songs from Freeway, BPD, Lil Fame, Bumpy Knuckles. Catch me on Sat at 6pm EST

Live At The Oasis 6 - 16 -18 on LCR

The Saturday show before Father's Day so I had to do something for that. Also Pac's birthday was days before the show I did a quick mix of the not as heavily played Pac songs. Outside it was another Boom Bap, soulful Hip Hop night with everything being played from the old to the new from east to west and all that's between. Catch me live on Saturday 6pm EST.

Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Live At The Oasis 6 -13 - 18 Wonder Years Wed Wu Tang Mix

It's summer you know I had to take to the joints I was feeling growing up and my teen years was wu coming in the game. I kept in the zone between the first and second Wu album and the solo projects between the two albums. That era The Wu whole legend was born. Those raw beats and ryhmes and grimy videos were what Hip Hop needed at that time. Enjoy as always you can catch me live on Wed and Thurs at 8pm and Sat at 6pm all Eastern standard time.

Friday, June 15, 2018

Live At The Oasis 6 -14 -18 on LCR

One of those smooth chill Thursday night mixes. Songs by Jill Scott, Leon Bridges, Fela Kuti, Phonte, Blu, and more. Catch me on on Thursday night at 8pm EST

Live At The Oasis 6 - 6 - 18 on LCR

Wonder Years Wednesdays is all about a certain time frame. Tonight it was all about 1988. The golden era of Hip Hop and the year that I chose to become a MC after hearing so many classics that dropped that year. I just rocked joints I was feeling when I was mad young back in 1988. I rocked joints from BDP, Dj Ez Rock & Rob BAse, EPMD, Jungle Brothers, Slick Rick, JJ Fad, and so much more. You can catch me live on Wednsday nights on at 8pm est

Monday, June 4, 2018

Sunday, May 20, 2018

Live At The Oasis 5 -16- 18 on LCR

The great Stevie Wonder's birthday was the Sunday leading into the Wednesday night mix, so you know I had to do something. It was an old school night as usual with a lot of heat. Enjoy.


Friday, May 11, 2018

Live At The Oasis 5 -5-18 on LCR

That boom bap Hip Hop on a Saturday evening... Feels like summer with this mix.

Live At The Oasis 4 - 28 -18 on LRC

The night after going to the Cincinnati Funk Fest I rocked some Mos def , Kweli and Erykah Badu joints for the first hour. From there I just went with whatever I was feeling. It's one of those dope Saturday mixes. As always you can check me out Wed & Thurs 8pm and Sat 6pm on ( and check the FB page Live At The Oasis Mix show.

Thursday, May 3, 2018

Live At The Oasis 4 -21 -18 on LRC

Set it off a night of Hip Hop with the Boston/ Brooklyn great Guru, RIP, and from there it was all about that Hip Hop. It's all about #goodmusic all the time. catch me Saturdays from 6 pm to 8pm on nothing but heat.

Friday, April 27, 2018

Live At The Oasis 4 -5 - 18 LCR

Thursday heat once again. The vibe stays in the pocket no matter how much diversity I throw in the mix. From Pop to Hip Hop to some old school heat.

Live AtThe Oasis 4 -25 - 18 on LRC

For whatever reason I had it in my head to do a Prince vs. Michael Jackson mix. I did it for about an hour and then my mind shifted gears and I followed my feeling and switched up. I'm a fan both men and I will return to this type format not just with these two men but with other artists. It's a Wedsnday mix so you know it's all about the old school.

Live At The Oasis 4- 26-18 on LCR

Another smooth chill night with some good music. Live at The Oasis on Legal Crime Radio.

Monday, April 9, 2018

Live At The Oasis 3 -8-18 on LCR

Thursday mix was filled with a nice collection of music. From Maroon 5 and Coldplay to Slum Village and LL cool J. Catch me live on Wednesday and Thursday night at 8pm and Saturday at 6pm

Friday, April 6, 2018

Live At The Oasis 1 -27- 18 on LCR

Brought the heat for the fact it was a celebration in honor of my colleague Dj Politic. I did what i do and that's bring that Hip Hop. From new Evidence to Ras Kass to Stat Quo to Planet Asia to Reks. Heat for my mans and them

Live At the Oasis 3 - 14 - 18 on LCR

With the news of Craig Mack's death I had to set the show off with music from the legend and first Bad Boy artist. From there it all dope Hip Hop.

Live At the Oasis 3 - 10- 18 Biggie Mix

You know I always got something when it comes to the Biggie mixes. I went and pulled out demo versions of joints as well as original samples of classic Biggie songs. TWO hours of B.I.G. Hip Hop to the fullest.

Live At the Oasis 3 - 15-18 on LRC

One of those smoothed out Thursday mixes. Just going through some heat from all over the board as always.

Friday, March 9, 2018

Live At The Oasis 2-24-18 LCR

Another #setitoffSaturday and I'm back in my groove with this Hip Hop thing. It's all about that Lyrical game with me. I give the dopest MCs in the game from the old school to the new joints.

Live At The Oasis 3 -3-18 Erykah Badu Mix on LCR

In honor the Goddess Erykah Badu I had to do it. The whole two hour show was all Badu. From the opening track which was her first single to leaving with a joint where she shouts out Dilla. If you're about your music you know what she has done for music and the whole shift in the game she brought to the table. It's what we do for the love yall.

Sunday, February 25, 2018

Live At The Oasis 2- 7-18 DILLA tribute on LRC

In honor of Dilla Month I had to do a mix. I rocked the joints that go with the vibe of my mix shows and I floated from Hip Hop to R&B and a handful of instrumentals and original samples.

Thursday, February 15, 2018

Live At The Oasis 2- 3-18 on LCR

I set of my show with The God MC Rakim in celebration of his born day. Truly the number one MC of all time to me. From there it was rocking a nice array of old music. Some joints from way way back, you know the oldies but goodies and some Hip Hop here and there.

Live At The Oasis 2-14-18 Valentines 2018 on LCR

One of the many things I try to keep up on is a Valentine's Day mix. I do it for the people in love and for my girl. This year I kept things slow and soulful.

Friday, February 9, 2018

Live At The Oasis 2- 1-18 on LCR

One them Thursday nights it's all about that smooth chill vibe. A few original samples here and there for that extra flavor.

Live At The Oasis 1 - 25 -18 on LCR

Thursday nights are always about that more mellow and smooth music. I do what I do and do it well. Another good night of good music.

Thursday, February 1, 2018

February Get Down for The Live At The Oasis Show on Legal Crime Rado

This Month is my birthday month so I'm most definitely trying to turn things up a notch on Live At The Oasis. This the idea I have in my head as of now. I don't think much will change. Thanks to everyone who tunes in to listen and those who rock with the station from day to day no matter who rocking. Here is my plans for this month.

Feb.  3 – Old school music from 60’s to the 90’s

Feb. 7 – Dilla Tribute Mix, All Dilla joints
Feb. 8 – Oscar and Grammy Tribute Mix
Feb. 10 – Boom Bap Hip Hop Old and New
Feb. 14 – Valentines Mix
Feb. 15 – Original Samples
Feb. 17 – Black Ceezar Tribute Mix
Feb. 21 – Dr Dre Tribute Mix performed, produced by and or affiliated with Dre.
Feb . 22 – Universoul Mix Jazz, Funk, R&B and Hip Hop from other countries
Feb. 24 – Do what I’m  feeling
Feb. 28 – Do what I’m feeling

Check me out on Wed & Thurs 8pm EST and Sat, 6pm EST
twitter: @Black_Ceez Instagram: blackceezarsonn  Google+ Black Ceezar Facebook: Live At The Oasis Mix Show