Friday, October 16, 2015

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Live At The Oasis: Slow Jam Monday 10-5-15

Soulful spiritual and just something smooth to groove to.

Live At The Oasis: 1st-Friday-10-2-15

Back with that boom bap from old school to new heat. I actually did this mix live on periscope, all you could see was my back.... Trail and error moment. This mix has classics and some new heat, all authentic Hip Hop. Enjoy and check me out on periscope Mon. Wed. & Fri. @black_ceez 9pm EST.

Friday, October 9, 2015

Live At The Oasis: Rewind Wednesday 9-11-15

Diggin through and pulled some classics out and rocked with it. Didn't anticipate on making an original sample mix but it all came together in the end. Catch Live At The Oasis Rewind Wed. 9pm EST. on mixlr.

On Periscope

So last Friday I tinkered with Periscope and did a live stream during the show. First off from what I read Periscope isnt at its best with android,which sucks. Still I'm on there handling my business. Get at me and follow me Periscope black_ceez. Also the footage can be seen on my Facebook page.

Live At The Oasis: Beats & Bars Friday 9-25-15

I know I have been slacking on my upload game, I will try to be more consistent.... I said TRY.

Anyway, here is a good mix from a Friday night show.