Sunday, February 25, 2018

Live At The Oasis 2- 7-18 DILLA tribute on LRC

In honor of Dilla Month I had to do a mix. I rocked the joints that go with the vibe of my mix shows and I floated from Hip Hop to R&B and a handful of instrumentals and original samples.

Thursday, February 15, 2018

Live At The Oasis 2- 3-18 on LCR

I set of my show with The God MC Rakim in celebration of his born day. Truly the number one MC of all time to me. From there it was rocking a nice array of old music. Some joints from way way back, you know the oldies but goodies and some Hip Hop here and there.

Live At The Oasis 2-14-18 Valentines 2018 on LCR

One of the many things I try to keep up on is a Valentine's Day mix. I do it for the people in love and for my girl. This year I kept things slow and soulful.

Friday, February 9, 2018

Live At The Oasis 2- 1-18 on LCR

One them Thursday nights it's all about that smooth chill vibe. A few original samples here and there for that extra flavor.

Live At The Oasis 1 - 25 -18 on LCR

Thursday nights are always about that more mellow and smooth music. I do what I do and do it well. Another good night of good music.

Thursday, February 1, 2018

February Get Down for The Live At The Oasis Show on Legal Crime Rado

This Month is my birthday month so I'm most definitely trying to turn things up a notch on Live At The Oasis. This the idea I have in my head as of now. I don't think much will change. Thanks to everyone who tunes in to listen and those who rock with the station from day to day no matter who rocking. Here is my plans for this month.

Feb.  3 – Old school music from 60’s to the 90’s

Feb. 7 – Dilla Tribute Mix, All Dilla joints
Feb. 8 – Oscar and Grammy Tribute Mix
Feb. 10 – Boom Bap Hip Hop Old and New
Feb. 14 – Valentines Mix
Feb. 15 – Original Samples
Feb. 17 – Black Ceezar Tribute Mix
Feb. 21 – Dr Dre Tribute Mix performed, produced by and or affiliated with Dre.
Feb . 22 – Universoul Mix Jazz, Funk, R&B and Hip Hop from other countries
Feb. 24 – Do what I’m  feeling
Feb. 28 – Do what I’m feeling

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