Friday, February 22, 2019

Live At The Oasis 2 - 9 - 19 on LCR

Another Saturday in the month of Dilla and I set it off with some Dilla gems. The music is all over the place but it's that soulful music and hard Boom Bap Hip Hop.

Live At The Oasis 2 - 13 - 19 Valentine 2019 Show on LCR

Another ones of those nights where you need that soothing smooth slow music to get you in the mood. This was the Valentine's Day Show. ALL CLASSIC SLOW JAMS. Some true throwback music.

Friday, February 15, 2019

Live At The Oasis 2 -2 19 on LCR

The show of the month so you know I had Dilla music in there. It's a Hip Hop Saturday mix show vibes. All that good bars up Hip Hop with some Boom Bap as the backdrop

Live At The Oasis 1 - 23 - 19 on LCR

Wednesday night is made for all the classic Hip Hop. Funk. Jazz and R&B when I get on. Live At The Oasis Wednesday nights is all about taking you back in the day.

Saturday, February 2, 2019

Live At The Oasis 1 - 30 -19 on LCR

Baby it's cold outside and I kept it on Wednesday night. I wanted to just get down do my thing but still stay focused on giving the rewind Wednesday vibe. A lot of good music from Jazz to Hip Hop, some pop stuff here and there as well. Check me live on Wed & Thurs at 8pm and Saturday at 6pm

Live At The Oasis Labor Day Weekend Mix 9 - 1 - 18 on LCR

When it's time for those holiday mixes I'm all for it to do what I do. I try to get into the more uptempo and party vibe and still keep it the way I love doing it. This is one of those crazy mixes from this past Labor Day in 2018. So much good music