Friday, April 27, 2018

Live At The Oasis 4 -5 - 18 LCR

Thursday heat once again. The vibe stays in the pocket no matter how much diversity I throw in the mix. From Pop to Hip Hop to some old school heat.

Live AtThe Oasis 4 -25 - 18 on LRC

For whatever reason I had it in my head to do a Prince vs. Michael Jackson mix. I did it for about an hour and then my mind shifted gears and I followed my feeling and switched up. I'm a fan both men and I will return to this type format not just with these two men but with other artists. It's a Wedsnday mix so you know it's all about the old school.

Live At The Oasis 4- 26-18 on LCR

Another smooth chill night with some good music. Live at The Oasis on Legal Crime Radio.

Monday, April 9, 2018

Live At The Oasis 3 -8-18 on LCR

Thursday mix was filled with a nice collection of music. From Maroon 5 and Coldplay to Slum Village and LL cool J. Catch me live on Wednesday and Thursday night at 8pm and Saturday at 6pm

Friday, April 6, 2018

Live At The Oasis 1 -27- 18 on LCR

Brought the heat for the fact it was a celebration in honor of my colleague Dj Politic. I did what i do and that's bring that Hip Hop. From new Evidence to Ras Kass to Stat Quo to Planet Asia to Reks. Heat for my mans and them

Live At the Oasis 3 - 14 - 18 on LCR

With the news of Craig Mack's death I had to set the show off with music from the legend and first Bad Boy artist. From there it all dope Hip Hop.

Live At the Oasis 3 - 10- 18 Biggie Mix

You know I always got something when it comes to the Biggie mixes. I went and pulled out demo versions of joints as well as original samples of classic Biggie songs. TWO hours of B.I.G. Hip Hop to the fullest.

Live At the Oasis 3 - 15-18 on LRC

One of those smoothed out Thursday mixes. Just going through some heat from all over the board as always.