Thursday, November 29, 2018

Live At The Oasis 11 - 10 -18

Like ev, I mean EVERYONE who is a part of this called we love called Hip Hop Nov.9th 1993 is a great day. Wu Tang Clan released their first album and A Tribe Called Quest continued their flawless run with their third album. Both albums became instant classics and like most DJ's I too paid homage to the two classic albums. I got it for about 30 minutes before doing my thing with Hip Hop from 1993. Catch Live A The Oasis live on Saturday on at 6pm EST as part of the #Setitoffsaturdays lineup

Sunday Soul Session: Harold Mevlin and The Blue Notes vs The O'Jays

Repost: I just found one of my old hard drives back when I was working on mad stuff and dropping something soulful on Sundays on Mixcrate years ago. This is one of my favorite mixes because i listened to my mom play Harold Melvin & The Blue Notes and The O'Jays all the time. I figured rock a small little battle between the two legendary groups... Enjoy

Live At The Oasis 11 - 17 - 18 on LCR

An ill Saturday mix. I followed up what The Boss had going on before me with nothing but female music before I slid into some Hip Hop and ending with some soulful stuff. Catch me live on Saturdays at 6pm EST as part of the #Setitoffsaturday lineup.

Thursday, November 8, 2018

Live At The Oasis 10 - 13 - 18 on Legal Crime Radio

Had some technical difficulties a few times but when you're live the show must go on. All in all it was still a great night. I threw some old heat out there with some new joints. The mix was all over the place. Catch me live on #setitoffsaturdays on at 6pm EST

Live At The Oasis 10 - 18 - 18 on Legal Crime Radio

A Smooth Thursday night mix as always on Thursday nights on Playing Eric B & Rakim, J Cole, D..I.T.C and so much more. Tune in Live on Thursday Nights at 8pm for Live At The Oasis.

Thursday, November 1, 2018

Plans From Now And Throughout Next Year

I know I've been slacking when it comes to blogging, for the most part everything besides my day gig and Mixshow. I will be finally putting it all together starting today. I'll be posting on YouTube with commentary on whatever for the blog starting tomorrow.

Musically I will get back on my grind. Next year I look forward to maybe at least three projects in the works or being mixed down and ready to be released. I'll finally put Home Sick out on hard copy, CDs, and all the stuff that should come with it. I'll also finish the last two Seasons of the 90 days beat series, Autumn and Spring. I'll start with Spring next year. I'll try to get back to First Friday Freestyle starting tomorrow and keep it going this time around.

Sometime before the year is out I'll be doing a whole show with nothing but music from my crew S.O.N.N. this is the 25th anniversary of what started out as some dudes spitting in school together. We've all became great artists and have some great material to not show it off is a crime to the time it took to make it. I'm still waiting on my one homie but it wouldn't be him if I didn't have to so it is what it is.

As far as Live At The Oasis goes I'm still rocking out on and to be honest I haven't really thought about taking the offer to rock on other stations they have offered because of time restraints and I like having new mixes all the time. What I want to do is on my Saturday shows piggyback off the Netflix series Hip Hop Evolution and do an hour or so of the what the topic was for an episode. I have some other ideas I'll be testing out the next few weeks as well.