Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Live At The Oasis LCR 12-6-17 Slow Jam

I know I said I would step my game up on my back posting, but... What I will say is that I have heat I haven't posted from the recent shows. 

I had started doing first Mondays when I was on Mixlr and left that slow jam life in the cut. Then came Thanksgiving and I wanted to bring it back. Two hours of nothing but classic slow jams from the 90s. Most of these are songs I figure everyone knows, this has a playlist. I want to say thanks to all those had tuned in and for those who tune in in general Thanks. As always Wed & Thurs 8pm to 10pm EST and Sat 6pm to 8pm EST on legalcrimeradio.com Get at me on twitter, the gram and FB Black_Ceez twitter blackceezarsonn instagram Live At The Oasis Mix Show facebook

Friday, December 8, 2017

Live At The Oasis on LCR 11-22-17

This is the pre turkey day mix. I was still up in the air on if it's going down on Thanksgiving so I dropped heat just in case it wasn't going down. From start to finish it's all good music.

Live At The Oasis on LCR 11-29-17

A Chill mix to ride to. Head nod factor is high. Enjoy.

Friday, December 1, 2017

Bringing That 90's R&B Slow Jams Back Next Week

Next week Wednesday and Thursday I'm doing something different on the show. Old school R&B Wed and original samples Thurs.Got request hit me at Black_Ceez Twitter, Blackceezarsonn IG and Live At The Oasis Mix Show on FB. Don't forget to check me out live on legalcrimeradio.com Wed, Thurs and Sat